Scripted Designs by Shay Sutton:

"I signed 2 contracts for buyers in my days after the show with NYC Fashion Runway.
I had lots of publicity and media on the night and am featured in 2 TV shows"

Citrolina Designs by Citra Gala:

Plenty of publicity and buyers. This exposure assisted me to be selected to be part of Couture Fashion Week in Sept.
Perfect professional team, live Broadway singer: I highly recommend and will definitely be back!


Boho Designs by Sharon Neal & Davis Lawrence:

"NYC Fashion Runway helps open doors - we are in Couture Fashion Week in September as an accessorizer for a designer!. The awesome venue, the buyers and press: we would recommend any up and coming designer to take advantage of this grand opportunity!"




Broadway singer Laura Lee Summerhill raffling GK Cosmetics bags (middle: founder Tinisha Kennedy)

Queens Gazette feature article in print and online below about Yoonheek & Dahn by Yoonhee Joe & Dahn Duangkamol and Obradoiro de Moda by Bertha Alicia Astor

Obradoiro De Moda By Bertha Alicia Astor

The fashion show was absolutely AMAZING! A TOTAL HIT for me, for my models and more importantly
for my ready-to-wear elegantollection. They are the best in terms of organization and production, stylists, MUA's and hairdressers. They are so professional. Everything was looking so well produced and beautiful.

Bold And Out Loud and Blip TV feature, interviewed by CEO Kerryanne Whitter


MY Life Style CEO Elizabeth Ortiz (middle) with audience members showing off the new MY Life Syle June 2012 magazines

NY COOL magazine
online & print

MyLifeStyle Magazine print magazine featuring Citra Gala, Melody Lee, Shay Sutton and Marie-Joelle Leclerc

IMG Model posing 

Broadway singer
Laura Lee Summerhill

Invite for the show

Perfect Population by KL Allen:

"Special shoutout for really believing in Perfect Population by KL Allen and allowing me to partake in such an amazing event and aiding in the successful showing of my brand. Wonderful! You are truly amazing." After our show, K.L. Allen was so notorious and famous that he got accepted into and did Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Beach Bling Swimwear by Alton E. McCullough:

"The fashion event was wonderful, and the show was a taste of Fashion Week. NYC Fashion Runway helped me find manufacturers for my garments as well. The exposure towards the industry really helped us. I would love to do it again." 

Melody Lee by Melody Lee (Parsons):

"NYC Fashion Runway team was a pleasure to work with.
They created a lovely and fun fashion event for young designers. The team was friendly and very organized."

MJ Leclerc by Marie-Joelle Leclerc (Parsons):

"The team brings models, photographers, venue and make-up artists together, allowing you to focus on creativity and developing your garments."

The Examier review

Nikkay Fashions by Nikke Shanabrough:

"If you want to take your fashion line to the next level, then this is the show to do that at. I will be back for sure to show in NYC Fashion Runway again."

A very special thank you to the photographers for providing these amazing photos:
Alex Borghi Photograhy, Bulleya Photography by Denny Silva, Adam Z Lein, Arthur Eisenberg, Angel Alvarado of AAA Studio, 
Mary E Blanco, Eugene DeVillamil, Norman Isaacs Photography, Yoni Levy, Michael De La Force, David Cheng, Edwin Tardy, RFMimagedevelopment & Enrique Martin. 

Bold And Out Loud review and interview


Purple Poka Dot Accessories by Nikeea Greenidge:

"That night opened up a lot of doors for me. I have been featured in a lot of online magazines and interviews.
New York Fashion Runway is great, they can give u that extra push to success!"

Berit New York by Brit Frady-Williams (FIT):

"The show rocked and I got lots of publicity from it!"

Le'juBon by Levi Bond Jr

"The show was wonderful! NYC Fashion Runway helped me start a facebook page and marketed me well.
It's a great feeling to have people appreciate you and your work."

Ola Style by Ola Hawatmeh:

NYC fashion runway is a show that I would recommend to any designer! 
The press coverage was superb and helped me gain exposure in the NYC market.

Yoonheek & Dahn By Yoonhee Joe & Dahn Duangkamol:
(FIT graduates)

Promotion of our design brand and media exposure was great! We were supported in everything needed to create awesome runway fashion show event. 
NYC Fashion Runway always pays attention to every small detail to pursue perfection.

Obradoiro De Moda By Bertha Alicia Astor:

The fashion show was absolutely AMAZING! A TOTAL HIT for me, for my models and more importantly collection of ready-to-wear chic and couture. NYC Fashion Runway are the best in terms of organization and production, stylists, MUA's and hairdressers. They are so professional. Everything was looking so well produced and beautiful.

Kloudya interviewing the 3 designers - Berit New York by Brit Frady-Williams (FIT)

David Nelson Taylor MC

Kloudya interviewing the 3 designers - Purple Poka Dot Accessories by Nikeea Greenidge

Kloudya interviewing the 3 designers - Le'juBon by Levi Bond Jr

Songwriting Shane singing

Riverdancing - Chris Niash




Maria de Guzman by Maria de Guman:
(Australian celebrity designer)

"This is the best show for getting media attention and buyers hands down! Thank you NYC Fashion Runway for making me even more famous in the USA, especially NYC"

GG Glam Designs by Gigi Carnett:

"NYC Fashion Runway rocks! Top production.
Amazing press and buyers. Thank you so much!"

Boho Designs by Sharon Neal and Davis Lawrence

"We came back again to do the show - it is a wonderful opportunity and we still have benefit from it!" 

CocoKouture Ezine featuring Maria de Guzman

Mount Vernon newspaper, article by Gisele Cadamuro

World Wide Fashion News article featuring Boho Designs coming shortly


The NYC Fashion Runway team

From left to right:
Veronica Ritter (Marketing Officer), Davina Reichman Schuck (founder & Managing Director), Alex Borghi (Official Photographer), Fiorella Solorzano (Events Director), Lauren Ashley Mirsky (Head Usher)

From left to right:
Peter Lee (Marketing Officer), Fiorella Solorzano (Events Director), Davina Reichman Schuck (founder & Managing Director), Alex Borghi (Official Photographer), Lauren Ashley Mirsky (Head Usher), Kristen Keeney (General Officer), Fred Gill (General Officer)

The Photography Team

Beauty partners, Carl Clarke Aesthetiques

Beauty partners Carl Clarke Aesthetiques

Ford Model Glenn (MC) with Elizabeth Ortiz (MY Life Style)

NBD Collections by Jazmyn Edmonds:

"Thank you so much Davina! I'm so honored!
I love working with you and
You are all incredible! Thanks so much!
<333 Love it!"

(and when the event was over, about the press, buyers 
and publicity)

"So excited!!!! :) Amazing!" 

Interviewed by The Fashion Channel
hosted by George Roberts

Interviewed by VIVE KATERIN guest hosted by Kate Gubs

World Fashion Media News
by Barbara Owen review

Brazilian Times article by Gisele Cadamuro

His Red Carpet
by Christopher Maserati

Brazil Now, Conneticut News, pre-event
article by Denny Silva

Brazil Now, Conneticut News, post-event article by Denny Silva

VIVE Katerin interview with guest host Kate Gubs
@vivekaterin and @KateGubs 

The What TV Show Hosted by Keleigh Nealon
Produced by  R McCoy
Special thanks to Rain Dazed 
March 9th 2013 at 1:30pm
Brooklyn: Time Warner 34, Cablevision 67, RCN 82,
All Boroughs: Verizon 42

Popimpreska Journal (Print Version) Breakfast At Tiffanys Shoot for Bertha Alicia Astor

Conneticut Newspaper November 2012 - featuring Brit Frady Willaims by Denny Silva

Vocab Magazine - interview by CEO Tylik Hill

Fashion Avenue News Magazine
"Beauty Extravaganza in NYC Fashion Runway's fashion week event" 
at The Empire State Building 

"Forget the after parties and the social photos, it's the fashion shows and their runways that breathe life into every fashion week.
"Launching in New York City is a dream come true for me. NYC Fashion Runway is a godsend. I have wanted to design my own collection for a long time and to present my NBD Collections (or 'Natural Born Dollface') to the public with so much media attention and buyers - it feels unreal.", says 19 year old Jazmyn Edmonds, CEO and designer for NBD Collections.

NYC Fashion Runway founder and Managing Director, Davina Reichman Schuck, said "The fashion week event was so successful. I want to thank my amazing team and of course Jazmyn for working so hard and striving for perfection!"

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts 

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing Davina Reichman Schuck (Founder & Managing Director of NYC Fashion Runway) 

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing David Nelson Taylor (MC of the Fashion Week Show at The Empire State Building)

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing Alex Borghi (Offical Photographer of NYC Fashion Runway and CEO of Alex Borghi Photography) 

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing Carolina Pozzi (Marketing Director of
Carl Clarke Aesthetiques)

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing Prakash Patil
(Title Winning Model in NYC Fashion Runway shows) 

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing Denny Silva (CEO of Bulleya Photography) 

The Fashion Channel hosted by George Roberts
interviewing Katt M (City Model & Talent Model)

The Fashion Channel - NYC Fashion Runway show at The Empire State Building - stills from the scene

The Fashion Channel - NYC Fashion Runway show at The Empire State Building - stills from the scene

The Alchemist - NYC Fashion Runway show


Tom Murro (Fox News & Huffington Post):

"NYC Fashion Runway did an amazing job!"

Chef Chris Nirschel, Culinary Bad Boy (Food Network Star, Chopped Star):

"What could be better than food & fashion, all in the name of charity [supporting the Food Bank Of New York]. Love NYC Fashion Runway!"

Downtown MagazineFox's Tom Murro Hosts Celebrity Dinner Event Featuring Chef Chris Nirschel at Bombay Palace

The Independent Magazine - Celebrity Dinner Series


Chef Chris Nirschel and some friends show off some of succulent treats he prepared for the Presidents' Day feast at Bombay Palace to benefit the New York Food Bank.
Members of the fashion, culinary, media and entertainment industries celebrated Presidents' Day in style at Midtown's upscale and edgy Midtown Kamasutra Lounge at the Bombay Palace restaurant on West 52nd Street.

The event was hosted by Fox Morning Extra's entertainment journalist Tom Murro and included a spectacular five-course meal prepared by the "Culinary Bad Boy" Chris Nirschel with fellow celebrity chefs Nikki Martin and Salvatore Lima and was organized in support of the Food Bank for New York City.

[The Bachelor's Rachel Truehart and event host Tom Murro.]

"When food pantries and soup kitchens have lost resources and are struggling to meet the need, Celebrity Dinner Series events help. We make it easier for family's in need to keep food on the table," said, Victoria Wells, the Events Organizer for the Dining Engagement Group.

[Chance from Chance TV grabs some camera time with Davina Reichman of NYC Fashion Runway.]

The event also included a retrospective couture fashion show produced by NYC Fashion Runway and featuring designs by Berit. "Bringing the hottest talent to our table together makes these events a one of a kind experience while engaging hunger with a unique entertaining twist," said Davina Reichman Schuck, Managing Director of NYC Fashion Runway.

[One of the delicious fashions on display at the Presidents Day Dinner produced by NYC Fashion Runway at the Kamasutra Lounge above the Bombay Palace.]

The event also included appearances by Jaclyn Schwartz and Rachel Truehart of The Bachelor, and American Olympic boxer Eric Kelly.

Lucky attendees were also treated to a wonderful performance by the renowned jazz ensemble, the Angelo De Loreti Quintet.

"Top Chefs and friends, celebrity dinner parties...this is where food, fashion and entertainment collide," said Nirschel. "Sunday dinner has never been better. We're breaking traditions one city at a time."

- Mike Hammer


Rachel Truehart (The Bachelor & Bachelor Pad)

"This is an amazing event - thanks NYC Fashion Runway for the publicity and wonderful time."

Downtown Magazine - Celebrity Chefs Entertain VIPs at Culinary Superstars Dinner at Bombay Palace

Celebrity Dinner Series - 17 February 

Celebrity Dinner Series - 24 March 

Ankur Mignon, Mignon Fashions:

"The evening was very exciting! Every model looked stunning, I had so much fun dressing the stars from The Bachelor. Thank you NYC Fashion Runway!"

MARCH 27TH, 2013

Reality TV stars, media, culinary luminaries and more gathered at Midtown's beautiful Bombay Palace recently for the second Top Chefs and Friends, Culinary Superstars Dinner Party.

Culinary Bad Boy Chris Nirschel...the superstar celebrity chef behind Midtown's hot new EVR Restaurant and former contestant on Season Seven of Food Network Star, hosted the event and prepared at five-course feast paired with fine wines for guests.

[Celebrity Chefs Salvatore Lima and Chris Nirschel at the Bombay Palace event.]

"There's nothing I live for more than serving great food that comes from my heart to friends family and special guests", says Chef Chris Nirschel.

He was joined by fellow celerity Chef Salvatore Lima who will soon be seen on the Food Network's Chopped series.

VIPs who enjoyed the mouth watering offerings at the sumptuous banquet included Fox Morning Extra personality, Tom Murro, Rachel Truehart, Jenna Burke and Jaclyn Swartz of ABC's The Bachelor 16, Kim G of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and more.

Members of the Bachelor cast enjoying the evening at the Bombay Palace Celebrity Chef event.
Proceeds from the event were directed to the Food Bank For New York City www.foodbanknyc.com, and intended to benefit the homeless and hungry of our city.

Guest were also treated to an upcale fashion show featuring "Red Carpet Glamour" gowns modeled by the Bachelor women from the beautiful Mignon line www.mignonfashions.com and presented by the NYC Fashion Runway www.nycfashionrunway.com which promotes worthy designers with publicity initiatives, branding and high-profile events.

[Jenna Burke, Rachel Truehart and Jaclyn Swartz from The Bachelor model Mignon fashions at the celebrity chef event at the Bombay Palace.]

The luxury fashion name "Mignon" has been one of distinction on Fashion Avenue for more than half a century. Mignon creates modern clothing with a timeless aesthetic, always a daring and elegant addition to any woman's wardrobe. Mignon is inspired by elegance, magnificent fabric finishes and sharp tailoring, mixed with a soft feminine style. Each enchanting dress is structured with artful details like layering, draping and beautiful hand beading, making each Mignon style stand out with refinement and precision.

The diners were entertained by the Dining Engagement Group's Lauren Henderson Quintet www.laurenendersonmusic.com from Music For Tomorrow www.musicfortomorrow.org along with DJ HoVa T www.djhovat.com

Hampton Daze Magazine (in print and online) - Celebrity Dinner Series

Stars Behind The Stars - Jaqui and her film crew interviewed Chef Chris and Ankur & Vincent Mignon